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X-Files recs/fic find
Mixed recs 
22nd-Apr-2012 03:11 pm
TOS K&S Made by me
Dark Night Shineth by fajrdrako(Alex Krycek/Fox Mulder)

Doing It for Mulder by Viridian5
Summary: Save Mulder! crack fic

Five Times Bill Mulder Never Told His Son He Loved Him by memories_child (gen) -BIll Mulder
Summary: Five Times Bills Mulder never told his son he loved him
more here

Saving Agent Mulder - Again by zibal_019(Mulder/Skinner)
Summary: Skinner has to agree to an unusual request when Mulder gets abducted.

The Reception by Tarlan(Alex Krycek/Fox Mulder)
Summary: No longer in hiding but still determined to fight for the future, Mulder attends a society reception using an invite from a secret informant.

The Sade of Togetherness by threnodyjones
Summary: M/K, this is a look at the relationship between two men of the X-Files universe.

YESTERDAY by Donna McIntosh(Skinner/Krycek)
Summary: Alex is found in an alley, throwing up Black Oil, wild with terror, and is convinced he just graduated from Quantico and been assigned to the Hoover and his new AD Walter Skinner.
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