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xfiles_recs's Journal

X-Files recs/fic find
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The X-files recs/fic-finding community is open to all X-files related searches.
--het, slash, and gen are all fine.-- Meta, kink mems, and comment challenges are also allowed.

Welcome to X-Files recs,

As I said this community is open to..

*recs/fic searches
*art searches
*drabbles searches
*pod-fic searches
*fics searches
*General recs searches like (please rec me some h/c fics)are also fine.
*or post your recs

The rules are simple

No wank
No abusive language
No spam

This comm is open to all just be polite and remember to use your tags.

Who friended or de-friended you
find out.. lol :)